Saturday , June 12 2021

Support for the Tompa Eken concert in Kägelbanan

Tompa Eken, here on stage with Psykbryt welcomes Kägelbanan

Tompa Eken, here on stage with Psykbryt, welcomed in Kägelbanan,

For 40 years he gave everything he had on the young punk and rock scene in Stockholm.
Now is the time to go back.
A concert to support Tompa Eken in Kägelbanan was organized in March

It's not easy to retire for a stubborn rock idiot.

So the organizers explain the concert of Toma Ecken, the guy who has been organizing concerts for over 40 years in places such as Ultrahuset in Handen, Gula Villan and Kafé 44 – where young unchecked musicians play for audiences without age restrictions and who from the start made a great an impression in the musical stokholm.

Besides, he was always baking in front of the concert.

And there is no bad team to go to Kägelbanan March 16: Weeping Willows comes, he also makes Teddybears who will pour hardcore and refused. Additionally, the creator of Anders Whedin Monster is gathering for one night.

The ticket costs SEK 835. All revenue is for the Toma Eckens Pension Fund.

Tickets will be released on January 25th. Read more here


Trallpunk, Hc and Weeping Willows – here are the groups that celebrate Tompa Eken


Weeping Willows

Teddy Bear (hardcore)




That bucket


There is no fun at all

The Baboon Show

Happy friends


Psychiatric Break

KSM3 (Guests: Stefan Sundström, Kajsa Grytt, Hasse Edström, etc.)

Adam Nilsson

The collection for this day also makes:

Coca Carola


Source: The South Theater

Södra Teatern, Mosebacke Square, Stockholm, Sweden

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