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Swedish big companies to corrupt Uzbekistan – News

Uzbekistan is considered to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world and, before traveling, Business Sweden wondered if Transparency International Sweden could offer suggestions on how to handle the risks it poses.

It's great that they do that and develop that part of their support, but then it has to be serious, says Louis Braun, president of the anti-corruption organization.

"Unbelievable in general"

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Russian President Vladimir Putin and Uzbek President Shakavt Mirziyev in Tashkent last October.

According to her, the mail sent by Business Sweden so far in the form of analysis and methods has been sent – and she was not impressed.

He was at an all-encompassing level of four to five points, which essentially said that it was a risky environment and nothing more, Brown continued, adding that they had not been heard since then when the meeting that was reserved was canceled.

Business Sweden believes Uzbekistan offers many new business opportunities. President Shvakat Mirziosev pursues a broad liberalization, as opposed to the rule of Lord Islam Karimov. The most densely populated country in Central Asia is expected to grow by nearly five percent in 2019.

Uzbekistan is what everyone is talking about in the region at the moment, this is the most positive event in the region for a very long time, "says Andreas Gjalarakis, Commercial Secretary of Business Sweden, responsible for the Eurozone Market Area (former Soviet Union).

The new president has a very ambitious reform agenda – and then, of course, we want to be in place.

"Solid detergent"

The trip follows several major Swedish companies: ABD Safegate, Alfa Laval, Ericsson, Epiroc, Sandvik and Scania.

Today, the delegation arrives in Tashkent, in order to meet tomorrow Mayor Jahngir Artikjodjayv – as the Open Democracy platform has recently revealed, with dubious links with commercial investors in the city.

TT: Is not there a risk, as you can see, that this could lay the foundations for a new scandal such as Teliafallet?

Uzbekistan comes from a very challenging situation and, of course, you should be very careful when entering into business relations, recognizing Jalurakis, but stressing that Business Sweden has done a thorough preparation.

We really did our homework and took note that the questions are of a more complex nature, he says.

When TT asks if the preparatory work is something the news agency can take, there are no external written materials.

We have provided information to companies orally so far. But we did a study and consider whether we should design it, says Giallourakis.

Important with the local guide

The new president has adopted new legislation aimed at tackling corruption in the country, and Gyalourakis stresses that such issues of sustainability will be at the center of the visit.

Companies are given the opportunity to contact representatives of private and state-owned companies, but also with civil society organizations with which they can have further contacts.

According to Luis Brown, a good local leader in corrupt countries is often needed.

Otherwise, there is a risk that you have not got a clue about the business partner you need to cooperate with, ownership, and what they have to do with relationships. A risk that increases as many times as fast to get a deal in the harbor.

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