Tuesday , June 22 2021

The dolphins invaded Boras's life

Thus, the chances were low that the 3: 1 in the matches would be 4-1 in the evening.

But another blow to Norwichping, whose chances in the semi-finals felt earlier than the dolphin's future confidence, has become a very good match of five in the best of seven.

40-year-old veteran Joakim Kjellbom was immaculate under the basket with 21 points and 11 demolished returns when the ruling Swedish champion cut the series of matches with a better 86-57 victory on the floor.

This makes it the sixth match between Thursday and Thursday in Norwiching.

The winner of the semi-finals is against the winner of the meeting between Södertälje and Jämtland. There the former team has 3: 1 in the matches.

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