Monday , May 29 2023

The employee missed the invoicing amount


In the case of sick leave for people from other cities to Uppsala Academic Hospital, Uppsala regions are initially responsible for the costs. Patients' home countries should then be billed again for the amount.

"We are still investigating the dropout rate, but currently it is somewhere between SEK 500,000 and SEK 1 million," Helena Klang, head of the press and communications department in the Uppsala Region, told the newspaper.

According to CNT, the employee should have chosen not to learn the work process of charging for hospital leave.

"It's a shame it happened, but no one took advantage of it." Without it, there is a financial loss for the region that we are now working to get back to, says Helena Klang.

Failure in Internal Control

To date, the Uppsala Region has been able to pay for sickness trips made in 2019, but it is not certain that invoices for trips made in 2017 and 2018 are possible.

– We have a control program with different control points regarding the economy. But in this case this review was not included. We can see here that we have failed in our internal control, says Johan Wadman, traffic director for the Uppsala Region.

An employee in the Uppsala Region has received a written warning and is at risk of losing his job if billing is still unsuccessful.

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