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The Golden Times says goodbye – yes they became the most popular in Sweden


On Saturday night, Gyllene Tider said goodbye to the audience for the last time – after 40 years as a group.

The concert in the hometown of Halmstad sets the stage for the band's long pop career, where they have been split up and assembled several times, sold out at the biggest arenas in the country and rewritten for their domestic struggles.

The Golden Times story really began back in 1977 when Per Gessle started the Grape Rock band in Halmstad. But just two years later, the band's lineup with Per Gesl, Mats Person, Anders Herlin, Goran Fritzon and Mike "Sid" Anderson is ready – and they decide to call themselves the Golden Times.

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It was with the hit "Girls on TV2" in 1980 that the Golden Times made a name across the country, with the debut album "Modern time" topping the sales charts.

In the early '80s, the Golden Times filled national parks across the country, with young pop cords making up the most popular band in the country. But success is short-lived. After an unsuccessful international venture, the band decided to take different routes in 1985. Bassist Anders Herlin wanted to leave the group to learn more about synthesizers.

“I thought life was over. I can recognize myself as an athlete who is forced to quit because the body refuses. I was 25 years old, my brain had just stopped growing. And then just "now you're nothing, your identity as a drummer in Golden Times is gone." I took nothing, drummer Mike Sid Anderson told Expressen before.

Per Gesl quickly finds himself. After the closing of the Golden Times, he instead invested everything in Roxette – and an international career was a fact. The duo is touring the world and is fast becoming one of the most popular bands in the world.

At the same time, interest in the nonexistent Golden Times is growing at home. When the group reunites for the first time, ten years after they first split, they quickly reach the status of icon. The band releases the compilation album "Halmstad & # 39; s Pearls," with some new songs. When they play at home in Halmstad this summer, the band notices that something has changed – they are no longer a teen group.

– 1995 was the first time we felt that "damn how big Golden was suddenly." We did a concert at Stora torg in Halmstad, which got pretty chaotic. There were 15-20,000 people there, and it has become the softest thing in the world, Per Gesle said in a previous interview with Expressen.

The following year, the band released songs such as "June, July, August" and "Go and Fish" and embarked on a Åturåget tour across the country.

After another success round with Roxette and his solo project, Per Gessle Gyllene Tider gathers for another reunion. In 2004, they released the album Find the 5 bugs and went on the GT25 tour, selling half a million tickets. However, the huge success of the group is limited by the series in the newspapers, after information about internal fractions and uneven distribution of money. According to Gessle, which earned 80 percent of its revenue, it thrives and never reconciles.

After the fighting, the group was put on ice for another nine years before reuniting again in 2013 and now in 2019.

This farewell summer tour shows that the Golden Times still has a place in the Swedish soul when smaller arenas are changed to larger ones in several cities after high ticket pressure. But the group is sure they want to put on the hat and quit while everyone is still in good health.

"Mike said the next time we do a gold thing, we're 66, 67, 68 – if we even live." We now know that we are in good shape and sound good. None of the band wants to play in the Golden Times unless all five are there, Per Gessle said before.

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The Career of the Golden Age


The band formed as Grape Rock in Halmstad and later changed its name to Golden Times. Since 1979, the group has consisted of Per Gessle, Mats Persson, Anders Herrlin, Göran Fritzon and Micke "Syd" Andersson.


Golden Times gets its big breakthrough with the hit single "Flickorna på TV2", and its debut album tops the sales charts in Sweden.


On June 18th, the single "Summer Times" will be released, the song most likely associated with the Golden Times. However, "summer time" is not an instant giant hit, but its popularity has increased over the years. The song was released as a single twice until 1989 and 1995.


The band launched an international release, which in 1984 led to the English-language album Heartland Cafe. However, the investment failed and in 1985 the Golden Times dissolved. Gessle invests abroad with Roxette – as you know, it goes much better.


The Golden Times was reunited in 1989, but only after the reunification in 1995 did it start properly. For the Halmstad pearls compilation album, this year's best-selling Swedish record, the band recorded two new songs, "King of sand" and "almost over now," both of which will be big hits.


You are following the successes with the "Get Back the Train '96" success tour, as well as with an EP that includes the hit songs "Go Å fishing" and "June, July, August".


However, nothing beats the success of 2004. To celebrate the band's 25th anniversary, they release the new album "Finn 5 err" and then release on the GT25 tour, seen by nearly half a million people, a new record from a Swedish tour.


The Golden Times concert at Ullevi on August 7, 2004 was watched by 58,977 people, which places it high on the list of the biggest successes of the arena audience – only world performers such as Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, Guns N & # 39; Roses and Madonna and public record holder Håkan Hellström had a larger audience.


Golden Times is reuniting again, releasing "Time to Think of the Chorus", which goes to the top of the Swedish albums list. The album was followed by a major tour in Sweden in July and August.


The band makes the official Swedish song for the "Best When It Comes" World Cup, along with Linnae Henrikson.


The Golden Times released the "Scrap and barley" album, according to the band's latest record, and went on a follow-up farewell tour.

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