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The man at 30 years shoots at the feet of Gothenburg Post

Renebergen is an open man shot in the open. The alarm came at SOS Alarm at 23.20 on Friday night. According to the police, the man was found alone, alert and speechless.

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"He is hospitalized," said Johan Lung, a Western police officer in charge of the police.

According to Johan Lung, the man who is 30 years old has to be shot in the legs.

At night the police visited the hospital and heard it.

"There will be no danger to his life," says Johan Lung.

At night the police were in the area and, incidentally, knocking a door. The crime scene was blocked and the police conducted a technical investigation into the site.

"Maybe he called SOS himself.

There is a red car that leaves the place after the shooting. The man's clothing is seized, as well as an empty sleeve that is open to the ground.

"There may be traces of clothes from every intruder, like shooting or DNA. We send it for tracking, says Peter Adlerson, a press secretary at the police.

Do you see any links to the gang's crime?

– I can not answer at this point, but it can not be ruled out.

Classification of crimes is attempted murder, and the police still have no worries.

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