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The Minister of Civil Affairs is in charge the critique of the gaming law

At the beginning of the year, the new game act came into force.

It includes a new license for 66 companies, which should therefore feed its customers better – amongst other things through

All companies must be linked to the site, enabling customers to be excluded from the games on all sites. At the same time, they should be protected by direct mail.

In addition, gaming companies must have clear tools for players who want to take control of their games.

The new law was criticized after discovering several shortcomings.

The request of the Minister of Civil Affairs to the gaming companies: "I'm Gonna Shoot You"

Players who have signed up for have said they can still play on sites that are related to it. Players also said they still received direct mail.

Earlier in January, public health authorities left a number of comments to a gaming inspectorate that is involved in overseeing gambling companies.

– Our responsibility and mission is to ensure that participants comply with the legislation. How exactly do we do that, I can not get in, but it's a running job on our part, "said Hammer, the press secretary, about criticism.

The new law places higher requirements on gaming companies.

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Now, the new Citizen Affairs Minister, Aralan Shekarabi (S), who has been working on the issue of a new gaming law for several years, requires gaming companies to get tightened.

– It's your shot. Because we will not see the fingers, he says in an interview with DN.

– From now on, there will be very tough demands on participants who carry out activities under Swedish law on gambling and if they cross the border will have very serious consequences.

The new verdict should lead the gaming companies

The Gambling Inspectorate has so far not punished any company for violating the new rules – and the Minister of Civil Affairs considers that the authority's priority is to handle all license applications.

Minister for Civil Affairs Ardalan Shekarabi.


The new law also stipulates that gaming companies can only make "moderate" advertising. What is thought to be moderate will be crystallized in the first Ninja Casino decision taken by the Consumer Agency to get directions on what is being done, says DN.

"The authorities are the ones who are now able to take action, and when they do so, the legal application will show where the borders go," said Ardalan Shekarabi.

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