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The Mittmedia was purchased from Bonnier, according to information

Media Sweden waited for a statement on who will take over the Mittmedia crisis, as well as 1300 employees, of whom almost half of journalists risk being insolvent if they do not take over a new owner. "The decision is approaching – buyers of" Media "are expected to be presented on Friday," the Medievärlden industry observation site said yesterday.

Now Bonnier's Media World writes that Bonnier has agreed with the media owners of New Foundation Gefle Dagblad and the Press Foundation's organization for the acquisition. According to Medievärlden, a press release will be sent at 13:00, Medievärlden also writes that Bonnier's professional clubs should be informed of the lunch break, and the same information is in the Journalisten magazine.

Medium media – 28 local newspapers

Here are some of the titles Bonnier wants to take: Örnsköldsvik Allehanda, Bärgslagsbladet, Arbetarbladet in Gefle, Arboga Tidning, Avesta News, North County News, Fagersta Posten, Sala Allehanda, Falukuriren, Borlänge Tidning, Nya Ludvika Tidning, Mora Magazine, Southern Dalarnes Tidning , Ljusnan, Ljusdals-Posten, Hudiksvalls Tidning, Söderhamns-Kuriren, Hela Hälsingland, Östersund regional newspaper, Nerikes Allehanda, Norrtelje Tidning, Östersunds-Posten and Dala-Demokraten.

The purchase is expected to be publicly announced at any time, but has not been confirmed by either the seller, the buyer or the Mittmedia itself. Expressen is looking for representatives of the foundations, Mittmedia and Bonnier for the alleged acquisition.

The average media is, according to information in the industrial media, in a crisis. "Mittmedia has big financial problems," the media world writes today. Media management deny that money is not enough for staff salaries, but without a new owner and significant savings, Mittmedia is likely to go bankrupt this year.

Media World: So Bonnie will save

The possible sale of Bonnier saves the release of the 28 local newspapers, but the media world also writes today:

According to data from the media world, Bonnie is planning to save by getting rid of managers and other upgrades, but retaining the editorial power. According to information, this will require savings of SEK 250 million to bring the group back.

Utkiksbloggen, written by former editor-in-chief of Gefle Dagblad Robert Rossen and the media world, has repeatedly pointed out the Norwegian Polaris Media and Bonnier as a participant in the race for Mittmedia. Polaris Media is owned by nearly 30% of Schibsted – who publishes, among other things, Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet – and almost as many of the NWT group. NWT is owned by Ander's family and published, among other things, the New Wermlands magazine.

Then Bonnier News wants to run Mittmedia

Polaris Media, the NWT group and Västerbottens-Kurir have submitted a joint offer for Mittmedia, but according to Medievärlden Bonnier will be the one who buys. Currently, the competition authority is investigating whether Telia Company AB is allowed to buy Bonnier Broadcasting, including TV4 and C More. The 9 billion acquisition, if allowed, will be the largest media business in Sweden. The purchase of Mittmedia must also be approved by the competition authority, due to Bonnier's dominant position in the Swedish daily press.

This is Bonnier News, an independent subsidiary of Bonnier, who wants to run Mittmedia in cooperation with other Swedish newspapers Expressen, Dagens Nyheter, Dagens industri, Helsingborgs Dagblad and Sydsvenskan.

No purchase price is paid a little, but the buyer is expected to offer some of the foundation's foundations some form of compensation and influence on liberal leadership as when LO previously sold Aftonbladet or when Centerparties sold many local newspapers.

Bonniers' daily newspapers have historically had liberal leadership pages, but Mittmedia has several titles that are social and democratic. Expressen looks for family head Carl-Johan Bonnier for commenting that Bonnier will publish newspapers S and C.

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