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The most important thing was forgotten: The script

Alith does not remember when she was, and she can try her new world in Alitha: The Warrior Angel.

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Alith does not remember when she was, and she can try her new world in Alitha: The Warrior Angel.

After two good-hearted but half-sad cyber-punishment, we just have to note that the most important thing in this great movie was forgotten: The script.

James Cameron ("Avatar") works very well with this movie. So long that he did not have time, but he had to hand over to Robert Rodriguez ("Sin City", "Spy kids"). But all the time, all the energy (and all the money) that has been plowed into this project, the result is a real, but confused and quite annoying story.

"Alliance: Fighting Angel" is based on the manga series for cyborg with exceptional combat knowledge. The story develops 500 years in the future when devastating wars occurred.

In this story of creation, the half-legged Alita was found at the dump by Dr. Christopher Waltz, who also harvested his living interior with a robotic body he had sculpted together. She has no memories herself. But it soon becomes clear that the sweet girl that the doctor in her father's attempt to shape is actually something completely different.

Pink Salazar portrays Alit with motion capture technology, Salazar's mimicry characterizes the appearance of the cyborg that is otherwise created in the computer, and the result is a compelling hybrid between the human and the comic.

But despite the great focus on Alita's inspired mantra eyes, they fail to turn into a mirror of this soul that could create a real life. If cyborgs now have a soul. Not that anyone in the movie seems to be interested in this classic Sci-Fi issue.

It's hard to see what interests them. In addition to the rocky path that is about how Alith falls in love with the very non-charming Ugo (Cian Johnson), there is not much content.

This is even more focused on Alith's hard body. In the manga culture, little girls revenge is no wonder, but just as in a very similar "Spirit in the Shell" (2017) with Scarlett Johansson, something a little blind happens in the crash between manga and hollywood.

In a talking scene, Alith's body is shaped by her own idea of ​​who she is. And if you look at it, it will be almost as small as before, with just a little bigger breasts.

Of course, there are many scenes that are cool and look very stylish. But in 2019, it is time to place the tape higher than that. Today it is possible to do something with computers. On the other hand, a reasonable script is still as difficult as ever to screw.


Aliita: A fighting angel

Genre: Action Adventure

Premiere: February 13, 2019

Cast: Rosa Salazar, Christoph Walts, Mahershala Ali and others

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Duration: 2 hours 2 minutes

Censorship: 11 years

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