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The Nobel Prize in literature is saved – now

COMMENTS | NOBEL PRIZE. Then the Nobel Foundation got what it wanted – the Swedish Academy included external names in its Nobel Committee, the group that nominated candidates for literature prizes. The new name will be a criticism Rebecka Kärde. Mikaela Blomqvist and Kristoffer Leandoer. publisher Henrik Petersen and the author Gun-Britt Sundstrom, report DN. they taken in two years in the presidency, received a part-time salary and will work with five members of the academy.
The grip of this way to "spell" eighteen was on a proposal from the Nobel Foundation this summer, but then the Academy was negative. Now it has clearly been found that there is a compromise on the strength between them and the committee, or the foundation has gained stubbornness.
Perhaps, the construction of this new consultant saved the literature award for the next two years. You must enjoy it.
But I still doubt about the Nobel Foundation's guessing strategy. What formal reason should actually lock the price of literature until the Swedish Academy behaves as the Nobel Foundation CEO Lars Heikensten wants?

This puts a difficult precedent.

Svenungssons sorti

However, as a PR feature, the skill improvement is perfect. Now you get a council of three female representatives in a neighborhood near the Academy. This is very difficult for the permanent secretary Anders Olsson to find women who want to become permanent members. The (few) women who sat also did not seem to be fully satisfied, remembering Jayne Svenungssons unexpected blackie recently.

On Friday, a member saw anonymous data on the DN that Svenungsson would violate the secret and that this was behind his withdrawal. It was crazy by the standing secretary Anders Olsson and Svenungsson himself, who said that he had never heard of this problem before. He is also ready to publish correspondence with Olsson as evidence.
Turning to the media about the alleged leak with a paradoxically leak itself is a large part of all revenge against Svenungsson because he "failed". The feature of the Cultural Mafia Academy is clearly not blunt.
A Nobel Committee with new people provides a much needed element of updates. What effect did they actually get, and if the Academy's evolution continues, it is more unclear.

Karin Olsson, worship of Expressen

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