Sunday , June 13 2021

The secret French male club harass women – News –

France The secret "male club" in France has been accused of harassing female writers and feminists through social media for almost a decade.

The Ligue du LOL secret group in Facebook began in 2009 and uses, among other things, pornographic so-called memes to mock and attack women. Mem is a picture or a movie with a message that spreads in social media.

Two journalists were removed from the Libération newspaper, including the founder of the Vincent Glad Group. Several others are punished with disciplinary measures. Now the event is called "French media #metoo".

"The group's idea was not to harass women, just to have fun, but our fun was quickly becoming a problem, and we did not understand it," Glad wrote in a Twitter post.

Feminist activist Daria Marx is one of those affected by the group.

"With every tweet, with every shared photo, I was afraid they would destroy me," she wrote in a blog post.

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