Thursday , June 17 2021

The success of Versteeg reveals a lot about SHL, writes Magnus Nyström

Växjö sports manager Henrik Evertsson offered a real bomb when he recently caught up with Chris Wersteg for the rest of the season.

32-year-old Westerg made over 700 NHL matches and twice became the Stanley Cup champion.

But in recent years it has been difficult. Last year there were only 24 matches with Calgary and this season began with eleven Matches for Avangard Omsk before the new injuries and a quarterback match.

He may have received some NHL teams.

So he eventually landed as an immigrant in the country of Vilhelm Moberg.

One game from Evertsson?

It's obvious.

How motivated is the 32-year old Stanley Cup winner with his best time behind him?

It all started well.

Versteeg once marked the North Americans in Frölunda

In the first period against Frölunda on Tuesday in Gothenburg, Versteeg responded to an elegant behind the back pass that stood behind the goals of managing the guests.

In the second period he shot a terrible shot at the wrist, who sat behind the otherwise magnificent Johan Gustafsson in the goal of Frölunda.

But then something else happened.

North American players often have the same passionate instinct for competition, and there is often no prestige between North American meetings in the SHL.

Everyone wants to be the best.

So, when the Canadian Versteeg presented itself directly to its first goal, it seemed to make the American Ryan Lash and Canadian Hill Chay Genoway even more.

Genoway made the match

These two are already stars in the SHL, although they are not close to the virtues of Versteeg.

Lasch has never played in the NHL, Genoway has made a match.

Thus, Versteeg has more Stanley Cup titles than Lasch and Genoway played NHL matches – together.

But as if the Frölunda's duo were telling each other before the game:

– Now we'll show you who will decide on SHL!

The performance of the evening was a classic solo of his own area, which ended with the goal of the kitchen when Chay Genoway settled on 1-1.

Less than three minutes after Versteeg's 2: 1, it was time for Lasch to steal the show with a stunning goal of 2: 2.

Lash also replied to Simon Hyalmarsson, well-trained, 3: 2.

This is just to congratulate Växjö

The game was resolved after prolongation and penalties, the hero became Ryan Lash with a good goal.

The final impression after the match will of course be that Växjö makes a clip in Kris Versteeg.

Which also says some about our league.

SHL lost just over 150 players in North America, this season also 25 Swedes in Russian KHL and 20 Swedes playing at the NLA in Switzerland.

Ten years ago, a NHL player from Wersteg's status was more difficult to establish in the top league in Sweden.

Swedish hockey does not have the same high class as before.

That's why Kris Versteeg will continue to show up and with Henrik Evertsson will do the same, which has done another super weave.

Then, of course, it was made for success when a player with the talent of Versteeg received the best support from the Swedish champions.

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