Saturday , May 21 2022

The truth of Bianca Ingrosso about the relationship with Philippe


Walgren's 24-year-old profile of Bianca Ingrosso and boyfriend Philippe Cohen are 25 years old and have been excluded for several years. Several times the couple split, and then found their way again.

After Bianca Ingrosso and Philippe Cohen followed on Instagram in July, rumors emerged that the couple had split again – something Bianca Ingrosso has now rejected.

The television profile explains that she and Cohen are still together, but that she chooses to keep her relationship more personal now than before. At the same time, she acknowledges that the relationship has its ups and downs.

– The conditions are up and down. I decided that I had talked so much about my love life everywhere, so at the moment I am not talking so much about it. But it goes up and down, says Bianca Ingrosso

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Are you still together?

– Yes. Now we are trying to understand a lot. Like I said, it's the other way around.

Bianca Ingrosso points out that her life as a public figure with Walgren's recording team has to some extent been confronted with the renovation of the apartment she underwent in the spring, and that this may have affected the relationship .

– My life is very public with teams of cameras in and out, now with movement and crafts, moving and working and so on. Often you find yourself at times when you just have to figure things out, says Bianca Ingrosso.

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