Thursday , June 24 2021

The worse crisis in the clothing chain – employees are not paid

Earlier we wrote about the JC clothing chain affected by the crisis. In December, two property owners filed an application for bankruptcy, which was later withdrawn during the month.

But now it does not look brighter.

Yesterday, when most people received the much-needed payroll bill after what is usually called the poorest month of the year – they became JC's employees without.

"I found something crisp, I heard from my manager and then I had to participate in an email saying that we would not get our salaries," says an anonymous employee of SVT.

Executive Director of the company, Ilya Meric, says she paid wages during the afternoon and hopes they will be on employees' bills on Monday or Tuesday.

– It was a tough month. JC has long been tough and we turn the ship. But this is not the fact that we can not afford to pay for it at all, it takes only a few days longer. "

For a long time, it has invaded the clothing chain, which was founded in 1963, and several stores have been forced to shut down in recent years. Two years ago, the company began reconstructing a company that was later written off.

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