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Then we can control the AI ​​in the right direction

In the episode of the week of the hedge future hits Christian von Essen an expert in the management of AI Markus Anderljung,

Can a person control a technology that will affect large sections of society?

Yes, that does mean GovAIa research center at the Oxford University Institute for the Future of Humankind. She works there Markus Anderljung as head of operations and political engagement. He has, among other things, experience as Secretary General in Effective Altruism in Sweden and has adopted this perspective for the future in his new position.

What is meant by "governance" are not countries that do not have a holistic system to think about AI. What is needed to control artificial intelligence – research, business, and the public. To influence through laws, norms, ideas and culture.

In Section 81, he tells what GovAI is, what risks we see with rapid development in artificial intelligence, and how to work on research to develop management tools that can contribute to a better and safer future.

His leading light is as follows: "Where can I have the greatest effect on the world and do the best?"

Listen to the whole episode of Heja Future with Markus Anderljung,

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