Saturday , July 31 2021

There is rain on the weekend – but not enough Gothenburg Opinion

Until now, the gods of time have not invited any classic April time directly. Temperatures are above normal and have fallen less than usual.

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After an unusually hot weekend, with occasional showers, it will be another place for the weekend.

– The vast rainfall enters the night to Saturday. Then it will rain more or less even on the night of Monday, says Mikael Sjöstrand, Forecaster meteorologist.

Exact amounts are difficult to sow right now, but mild to moderate rainfall should be maintained, which means a total of 5-10 millimeters this weekend.

"At the local level it can certainly be more than 20-30 millimeters," says Mikael Schoostrand.

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Dry clay

Henrik Johansson is a farmer and owns the Björlanda farm. With last year's drought in fresh memory, he checks weather forecasts at least 20 times a day.

"With the faculty in your hands, you are extremely worried. We do not have a stock, the water level in streams and the flow is very low. We in Gothenburg are quite accustomed to the fact that the clay here is wet – it is not now, says Henrik Johansson.

The growth season is still in its infancy and the drought has not yet caused any problems. But to get the bait to the cows on the farm to catch up on time, it must start to rain now – and continue. Precipitation similar to those coming over the weekend – short but intense – does not allow the Earth to absorb.

"In view of the drought it was, most of it will just run away," says Henryk Johansson.

He is the fifth generation on the farm and has led him for 20 years, but has to be repeated last year, this year's season may be the last.

– What happened in 2018 will suffer many years ahead. Everything was not good because it was a little rain in September.

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