Thursday , September 19 2019
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There was a partial lunar eclipse News from SVT

From Tuesday night, a partial lunar eclipse can be seen in large parts of Sweden, reports Popular astronomy,

Partial lunar eclipse occurs when the earth's shadow falls over the moon, which then becomes partially obscured.

Magnus Oskesson saw the moon

The biggest chance to see the partial lunar eclipse is in southern Sweden. Magnus Åkesson at Degeberg in the northeast Skane was one of those who saw him.

"I thought a little jokingly that someone had taken a bite out of the moon and that it was 50 years from the moon landing. Imagine if the Moon was half, then maybe you missed it, he says.

He could see Jupiter and Saturn

You also had the opportunity to see the planets Jupiter and Saturn in the evening. Saturn looked like a bright yellow star just to the right of the moon. Jupiter really bright to the south and southwest, he writes Popular astronomy,

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