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They are the best footballers in the world – the best IBF Falun in Sweden

Emil Johansson is the best Swedish and third best in the world.

Now the prize is honored with the best floorball player in the world.

The award for 2018 is to Eero Kosonen, the goalkeeper of the Finnish national team and Finnish star of IKSU, Vera Kaupi, who won the prize for a second consecutive year.

In the ten women Kais Morales Anna Wick is four, and My Kipila – the seventh. Anna Wijk won the award for three years in the 2014-2016 period.

Anna Wijk, who won the award three years in a row between 2014 and 2016, is four on the list.

In the top 10 men, IBF Falun Emil Johansson is the best Swedish in the world in third place. Also on the list are Fasun Rasmuss Enstrem, fifth place, and Alexander Galante Karlström, eighth place.

Before that, Rasmus Enström won the award in 2013 and 2015, and Alexander Galante Karlström two years in a row – 2016, 2017.

The best tennis player in the world has been spreading since 2005 on the male side and 2007 on women. The winners were exported by Innebandymagazinet in collaboration with federal pilots and international floor media. Mika Kokonen has received the most prizes (5) times.

The best female player in the world 2018

1. Veera Kauppi, Finland and IKSU

2. Emelie Vibron, Sweden and IKSU

3. Moa Chep, Sweden and Täby FC IBK

4. Anna Wijk, Sweden and KAIS Mora IF

5. Amanda Delgado Johansson, Sweden and IKSU

6. Sofia Yoelsson, Sweden and ICSU

7. My Kippilä, Finland and KAIS Mora IF

8. Cornelia Fjellstedt, Sweden and IKSU

9. Corin Rüttimann, Switzerland and Piranha Chur

10. Sara Steen, Sweden and Endre IF

The best male champion in the world in 2018

1. Eero Kosonen, Finland and SPV

2. Krister Savonen, Finland and SC Classic

3. Emil Johansson, Sweden and IBF Falun

4. Peter Kotilainen, Finland and Happee

5. Rasmus Enström, Sweden and IBF Falun

6. Nico Salo, Finland and SC Classic

7. Robin Nielsbert, Sweden, and Sturtera IBC

8. Alexander Galant Karlström, Sweden and IBF Falun

9. Pascal Mayer, Switzerland & Grasshopper Club Zurich

10. Emely Salin, Finland and SC Classic

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