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They were called crashing: "As landing on asphalt" – Sports

Alexander Köll crashed into the classic Kitzbühel race. The race was temporarily suspended after Kohl lost control at the end of the race and ran into the icy hill. The callers quickly received help from officials. According to television pictures, the Swede seemed to have been conscious when he was taken by helicopter.

"It's Never Healthy"

Alpine boss Tommy Eliasan Winter is in Kitzbühel but is a little far away and there is currently no information on the status of Köll.

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Alexander Köll. Commodity photography.

But it's never healthy to drop at that speed, at 110-120 kilometers per hour. It's like landing on an asphalt. The power must go somewhere. He was performing well and hoping he would be as good as possible, says Elias Winter on TT.

TT: Are you worried?

Always worry about riders when they crash.

Before seeing the crash, he looked at his first points in the World Cup in his career – in the last downhill race before the Alre World Cup squad was removed.

This is great. This is a world championship. Especially for all Swedes who are allowed to start there. So I hope I will be removed. And if I get out, then it will be a ski show that never happened in Åre, said Köll to SVT after the training sack on Thursday.

Difficult competition

The big race in Kitzbuehel or Hahnenkamre, as it is called, is one of the most challenging races in the World Cup. Even during the training there were many incidents in which the Norwegian star Kettel Yansrud and the Swedish Felix Monsen had broken fingers.

The race on Friday was won by Italian Dominique Paris, with a 20th mark to the second Swiss Beat Feuz.

Faise, who leads the descent, has never won the infamous slope, and this time he has failed too. For 29-year-old Paris this is the third time he won at Die Streif.

Austria Otmar Sturdinger, 37th Century behind Paris, ranked third.

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