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This fall is being investigated by sports academies Gothenburg Post

Riksdag recently urged the government to revise the rules for sports schools. The specialty in sports schools is that they enable young people focused on the elite to combine their sport with secondary education.

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The question for a while is how the general requirements of the school for free education come along with the sports equipment that students have to have, equipment that costs thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The issue was renewed in recent years when a sports school with elite riders training was criticized for being expected to bring their horse.

Meet with stakeholders

Responding to the Riksdag call, Education Minister Anna Extreme invited representatives of the Swedish National Sports Association, some sports academies and school authorities to a meeting on Wednesday.

After hearing their views on how urgent it is, I decided that we need to allocate resources to work with it in the autumn. There was a great consensus during the meeting that the question of equipment costs does not apply to sports, but to all sports, says Extreme.


The study will also review funding and admission rules in upper secondary schools, which are available in two forms: national sports academies and nationally approved sports education.

It was quite a consistent assumption that it is difficult to justify that there are two kinds of sports education, Ekström says.

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