Saturday , May 21 2022

Traffic noise is depleted – the motorist pulled out with a man on the lid


Exactly at the age of 17, both men found themselves in trouble at the Ringwagen of Sodermalm. During the conflict, men were spotted jumping out of their cars and at least one of them must have threatened the other with a knife. Knife tires were also pierced during the brawl, police say.

Break the tires

A witness who was coming home saw the course of events.

“I heard it tearing into the street. Then I saw the man in one car tear apart the other man's tire. The other man then stood in front of the car, the witness said.

The noise was compounded by the fact that the man in the car walked a hundred yards away with his opponent on the hood.

– It happened so much that I started shooting. I thought, what the hell is going on, says the witness.

"Find Out It's Over"

Several police patrols came to the scene. Then both men were left, according to the witness.

A third man stepped in between them and tried to calm them down. The man in the car stayed, he did not try to escape, but realized that he was driving.

Police have launched a preliminary investigation into unlawful threats, attempts at serious misuse and harm. One of the men involved was arrested.

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