Wednesday , December 8 2021

TV + BILDEXTRA: See the Spanish black song in Baronen – News in Kalmar – 24 hours a day


At 8 o'clock he opened baron open your doors to greet the public in one day of shopping. The first guests received breakfast, and some customers received surprise in the form of a gift card.

black Friday has grown to become one of Sweden the biggest market days. And there were many hungry people who stood and waited before the baron before they opened.

The first place in sex is 22 years old Maria Johansson,

– That's what happened. I moved here Squid now I thought I had to go down the turn and see if I found anything good, she says.

Something special that you are looking for? Christmas presents?

"Well, some clothes and decor. There will be some Christmas presents, but this is not the case before, I can not say it could be a later haha ​​problem.

Many people have insist on skipping hysteria on black Friday and instead consume smart and recycle. Among other things, this year's Christmas presents are selected Institute for the Study of Trade, recycled part of the clothes.

"I'm aware of what I'm doing, so I'm doing spontaneously very little and thinking about what I'm shopping," says Maria.

Kikka v TV clip by gender, which developed long before it opened – and how people poured down one by one.

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