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You really regret the Tree. She dedicates her entire "Day of Death" (2017) to her awakening on her birthday, backyard and anger, and then experiences a pretty unpleasant day ending with her brutal murder by a masked lunatic.

Then he woke up again the same day. And again. And again. Not since Bill Murray's heyday on Monday for a week, someone had been forced to fight the annoying leak of time in the same defiant fashion as the tree.

When she, once again, is forced to survive the same day, she – understandably – sticks to shaping.

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There is a fateful macaque in the lab that the maniac built in Happy Death Day 2U. Press a photo.

It is strange, however, that it is quite fun to sit in the audience and indulge in this gigantic déjàvue.

This is largely due to the fact that the sequel does not suffer from the not-so-successful genre mix of the original film, the balancing act between horror and college, which resurrects the violent death of the Tree with a mozzogenic taste.

Here you have released all the restraints and drive entirely on a comedy track, which is a successful move.

In the action a trap of manic (completely incomprehensible) scientific discovery, taken from a packed but fascinating turn of the 80s. It seems that their (really, truly incomprehensible) quantum physical macaques have caused the strange grip of the tree.

This opens for other dimensional visits, references to "Back to the Future" and even more fun outbursts of the perfectly confused and damn heroine played back by the highly charismatic Jessica Rote.

It is the greatest achievement of the film and almost succeeds, almost pulling out all the mad assemblies that show how she dies, kills and kills again and again.

After all, it becomes a bit difficult and unnecessarily long. "Happy death day 2U" is certainly not a masterpiece, but still such a fun b-movie you almost hope for the third time.

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