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Warning: No important vaccine against HPV

The vaccine against human papillomavirus or HPV vaccine can be briefly given to boys and girls to protect women and prevent the spread of cervical cancer.

In Sweden, the vaccine is given primarily to girls aged between 11 and 18 years.

Several studies have shown that the vaccine has a good effect. In a new compilation of studies from 14 countries published in The Lancet, the HPV vaccine has shown a significant reduction in cellular changes and genital warts that can lead to cervical cancer.

Given the result, it is no wonder that the vaccine has become popular in several countries. One hundred countries have introduced HPV vaccination. More countries are expected to follow.

At the same time, high demand has led to problems.

Lack of HPV vaccine in several countries

Due to the great need for vaccination programs, there is now no vaccine against HPV, reported by SR.

– At present, vaccine demand has risen rapidly in large parts of the world, including in low and middle income countries. So vaccine production capacity does not really meet demand. This is probably a transient problem, but it shows how quickly many countries have responded to the World Health Organization's recommendation to try to eliminate cervical cancer when it is possible, says Joachim Dillner, Professor of Epidemiology of Infection at the Carolinian Institute.

According to the professor, it is possible to completely eliminate HPV if an average number of men and women – about 70% – are vaccinated.

"It is not possible if the vaccination is aimed only at girls but with a sex-neutral vaccination, it should not be particularly difficult," says Joakim Dilner to SR.

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