Thursday , July 29 2021

Washington dropped out of the Stanley Cup playoffs

The waste continues at this year's Stanley Cup.

With the night loss for Washington, all four of the main division divisions left the playoffs in the first round.

"Carolina was the hunger team, there was no talk. Washington may be accused of having had the chance to close this match when they have a 2-0 and a 3-1 lead, according to former NHL Keith Jones.

The masters were cut off by the experts this morning when the game was clear.

"If you can shoot six rounds in a 30-minute long-term game, you have no right to win," criticizes Jeremy Ronnik.


Burakovski's first goalkeepers in the match

Both teams won their three home games before the seventh and final meeting in Washington in the eighth final.

And it seems that this is the same result as Andre Burakovski and Tom Wilson gave the 2: 0 capital management in the first period.

In the middle of the second period Finnish Sebastian Aho reduced his own comeback, but Washington tried to make 3: 1, and now Evgeni Kuznetsov found the right one for the first time in the playoffs.

But before the middle of the season, another Finnish attacking star of Hurrican Teuvo Teravainen dropped to 2-3.

Jordan Staal admitted early in the third period, and then the sequel became a shaking second for a second.

Brock McGin lowered the lords of Washington

For the rest of the period, no decision was made, and the first extension became silent.

But Carolina was the one who looked more attentive.

One of them had more speed in the game, we did not lose as much in our own area as the Capitals.

Washington – Carolina 3-4 years (2-0, 1-2, 0-1, 0-0, 0-1)

Washington: Andre Burakovski (1), Tom Wilson, Eugene Kuznetsov (Carl Hagelin). Goalkeeper: Bradley Holthy 90.5%. Carolina: Sebastian Aho, Tewve Terawainen, Jordan Steele, Brock McGin. Goalkeeper: Peter Mrazek 91.9%.

Carolina continues after 4: 3 in the matches.

As was often the case in the seventh and decisive match, it was a goal he decided.

The veteran and team captain Justin Williams threw a washer to the right, touching Matt Niskenen's opponent, and stood in the air in front of the box.

Brock McGin was in place and managed to control the puck tennis behind the big play Braden Holby.

Tom Wilson of Washington does not help stop McGuin.

Caroline's players were thrown out of the cabin and a huge cat continued.

Williams was the big hurricane leader throughout the season, and when he was lying 1-3 in the night game, he stood in the cab and screamed at his teammates:

– Let's start checking the puck now!

You did this from this moment and you took the initiative in the game.

Bloom close to tears: "Now it's heavy"

Captain Alexander Owkin's captain had difficulty holding back the tears when he then met the media in the dressing room.

"It's heavy now." We did what we could, but we had too bad extremes. We did not play properly and it's hard to try what we did last year when we went all the way and became a champion.

One fact that the experts pointed out tonight was Washington's lack of confidence in the ice during the decision.

– Players looked lost. Perhaps it was not so clever to let champion Barry Trotz leave the club. See what he did with the residents of New York this winter. They are in front of Stanley's Cup, they are not capitals, "said Keith Jones.

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