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William Nilander for the stone with numbers: "It was obvious"

fromJonathan Nilsson

William Nilander changes his numbers – and means a note if fans want to update their shirts.

The initiative was praised by supporters, and now Torontiornan tells of his gesture.

"It was clear, just a choice for me. He feels good to return everything, he says to Sportbladet.

More recently, William Nilander ran 88 on his back at the club, was junior and played in Modo.

During his new year in Toronto Maple Leafs he modeled number 39, but from the 2015/2016 he had the number 29.

During the day yesterday, the Swedish announced that he was back in the 88th.

– I really wanted first in NHL. But I did not have to use this number because we had only low numbers with our then general manager, Lou Lamoriolo. Then I chose 29, says William Nilander, adding:

"Now I saw the possibility of changing the number and I thought it was a good time.

"It was obvious"

The 23-year-old also reassured fans in Toronto, who have already acquired the Nylander shirt with the old number.

They can visit a local supporter to change things, and Nylander means the bill.

– It was obvious. I feel the people who bought the shirt before, deserve to get the real number now. It was clear, simple choice.

The draw is appreciated and the Swedish is applauded in the social media for his gesture.

"I know how important it is, and supporters mean so much to me and to the team. He feels good to come back in a good way, he says.

Fixes a pair of shoes (!) To the supporter

But not only the sweater's number will be replaced.

One of the supporters who have heard about social media about William has a pair of Maple Leafs shoes number 29.

"He wrote me a few years ago and wanted to sign them. But we were unable to solve it so I could write about his dojo. Now he wrote again so I'll fix it, he'll get some new shoes with number 88, he feels good.

William Nilander sometimes had a heavy NHL season last season, where he missed the initial 28 matches due to long contract talks.

He then made a great success at the World Cup this spring, where he won the league, even though Sweden is already in the quarterfinals.

"It was wonderful for your part. I just wanted to go there to play the hockey I know I could, and then everything was like everything. I was a bit strange during the year, but during the World Cup everything was flowing.

Meets the drinks of the tree

Toronto's wage space has dropped sharply as William Nilander and Austin Matthews have signed new lucrative contracts in the winter. At the same time, the big star and household son Mitch Marner, 22, have not yet signed a new contract.

A fact that made him speculate in North America that Nilander could be thrown out so the club could afford to keep Marner.

"I think I will stay in Toronto, that's the attitude I have. I want to play there in the future. This is a long process for Mitch and he will probably go the same as last year this summer. But it works, says Nickander.

Talk to him about it?

– I just said it would take time. That's exactly the way it is, no quick fixes.

How do you spend the summer?

– I was a little abroad and at home. Lately there are many trainings. Now man longs to get on ice, he says.

Photo: TT

William Nilander scores a goal in the old knit number.

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