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William Nilander's season is sown by Mike Babcock

"He has to go from here now …"

fromAndreas Keck

William Nilander had a difficult NHL season.

When coach Mike Babcock commented on the Swedish contribution, he is brutally honest:

"He was not a good player this season," he says.

The season ended for Toronto Maple Leafs.

In the first round against Boston Bruins (3: 4 in matches) this was a resounding.

Then the focus is on William Nilander.

The 22-year-old Sweden – who missed the 27 preliminary games due to heavy contract talks – scored only 27 points (7 + 20) on his 54 base series and is now listed as one of the biggest flops.

And he agrees.

"I was not close to my highest level. I have higher requirements for myself, I know that in the future it will get better, he tells Sportsnet.

"I'm sorry"

Nilander believes that the contract dispute has had a negative impact on him.

"I've never been in such a situation before. I mean, I've been training myself for months. It was just weird. This is something I regret afterwards. I would have been here (in Toronto) since the beginning of the season, "said Nickander.

Club Chief Duke Kyle takes part of the debt.

"We have not decided it before the training camp, we have not allowed it to start the season … we did not allow it until three minutes before the deadline. This is unacceptable. We do not give William the conditions for success directly, he says.

"Do not be good"

Coach Mike Babcock is brutally honest when assessing the Nylander season.

"Willy is a cruel person and can become a really good player. But this season was not a good player. He knows this, we have to be honest and say it, Babcock says.

Now he wants Nylander to leave Toronto badly (maybe play the World Cup with Sweden?) And sort his thoughts.

– He has to go from here, he has to go home, recharge the batteries, start training and find his way back to his game. It will be an important summer for Nylander because we have to get it back in good shape, says Mike Babcock.

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