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20 minutes – a special unit storm apartment

"Something very bad happened in Möllin," reads a reporter. In the community of Aargau, the police closed a property on Tuesday evening, May 21st. Photos show policemen from a special Argus section. You can also see how a person is being taken.

Now you have to save this number in your contact list because you can send pictures and videos to a 20-minute editor via Whatsapp.

The man, a 68-year-old Swiss, said the telephone threats against health-care staff, a media message said on Wednesday by Cantonal Police.

Drunk and armed?

There was evidence that the Swiss was under the influence of alcohol and possibly weapons

ruled, "continues the police.

The mission began at 4 pm On the spot, the emergency services were able to contact the 68-year-old, after which he was arrested around 18:15. He was drunk and was admitted to a psychiatric facility after a review.

The man was arrested by the police in a large-scale operation

Wanted first in the wrong apartment?

A witness tells Telebasel that the police first searched for a wrong apartment. "He was on one floor," the woman said against the transmitter. Finally, the door opened in the right place, and a man surrendered.


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