Tuesday , June 15 2021

20 minutes – Burger King sells «Not Big Mac»

It was a heavy blow to McDonald's: The European Intellectual Property Office denied the American giant the right to a trademark of Big Mac in mid-January 2019.


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The response of Burger King's chief contender was not long: there are currently numerous burgers in Sweden that fired at McDonald's's leading product. For example, Burger King sells burgers called "Like Big Mac, But Big" or "Like Big Mac but Jucier And Tastier". All these hamburgers are available under the term "Not Big Mac".

There's even a YouTube video about the action. It shows how customers are easily annoyed – order one of the burgers with a provocative name. The bar staff member remains untouched.

«It's too funny»

The Irish Supermarket chain is predominant in a case where McDonald's loses its mark on Big Mac. The fact that the American giant lost to such a small company was simply "too funny," said Ivo Zakovsky, executive director of Burger King Sweden, for the Not Big Mac action.


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