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20 minutes – «First cell, then back to school»

In Credit Suisse in Zurich, Paradeplatz and UBS at Basel Aeschenplatz, activists blocked access for several hours Monday. They require an immediate exit from coal, oil and gas from the Swiss Financial Center. They blame the big Swiss banks for funding climate-friendly actions.

In Zurich, the police moved with a large contingent and arrested a total of 64 activists aged 15 to 65. On Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon, another protest action arrived around Zurich's Cantonese police. "We are here, we are strong, because you steal our friends," shouted loudly.

Arrested medical practitioner: "In your cell very isolated"

Arsène Formaz was released on Tuesday afternoon in Zurich. The 53-year-old is a Greenpeace parachutist and shared his prison cell with another activist: "The city police yesterday was very aggressive, but the canton police did very well, but it was up and down until I was finally released.

The cell is very isolated. "It was all taken away from me, I could not even get in touch with my family in the dark." Despite his arrest he will join the action again. "That was not an obstacle. I am proud to support the climate and I am sure I will continue, "Formemiz said.

The same is true of 15-year-old Paula Schmidt, who is on the run-up Monday afternoon: "It is not good to advocate for our future and to be treated as a criminal." She was in a lone cell for about five hours. "Then I went to school for a short time because I had a presentation," says Schmidt.

Activists must remain in custody by Wednesday

Your fellow activists are less happy. According to a statement by Zurich's Chief Prosecutor, all 61 arrested persons should remain detained one more night.

"Given the extremely high number of arrested 61 people at the same time, extensive investigations and investigative actions take a long time," the prosecutor said. The police and prosecution procedures will be hampered by the fact that some of the detainees exercise their right to refuse to testify.

"Damage to image for Zurich"

On Wednesday morning, however, there will be some or other news for the activists: According to Article 224 of the Swiss Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO), the prosecutor must release the accused at the latest 48 hours after the arrest or lodge a complaint with the court. Order for remand in custody.

For Frieda Coleman, a spokeswoman for Collective Justice, this is a damage to Zurich's image. – It's shocking – they're political prisoners! In Switzerland, it has been unthinkable until now that young people go to the streets for climate change and then have to stay in prison for so long.

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