Thursday , July 29 2021

20 minutes – Genital herpes makes the circle in Coachella

Over 125,000 people celebrated the last two weekends of the Coachella Festival in the Indian Desert. Included are: extravagant dresses, great music and genital herpes.

As reported by the online TMZ portal, the number of diagnosed cases of genital herpes has increased significantly in recent weeks. Since the first day of the desert holiday, over 1100 cases have been recorded. The motto "What Happens In Coachella Remains With Coachella" does not apply to the diagnosed. Genital herpes is a memory of a lifetime.

Good luck for many visitors

It is possible to have accurate statistics because the US is a common platform called "HerpAlert". Patients can be diagnosed on the site by sending a picture of their genitals. In hurry, they also receive medical advice and prescriptions.

On average, only 12 patients are looking for help at HerpAlert. In the last days, this number is 250. This means that, nevertheless, many Coachella visitors have moved away from the horror.

More flashes behind Coachella's background. (Video: Glomex / Tamedia)


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