Friday , March 31 2023

20 minutes – Patrol Suisse flies are displayed at the wrong place


Patrouille Suisse had an air show on Saturday as part of the 100th anniversary celebration of Oskar Bider's death on Langenbruck BL. The municipality is the birthplace of the Swiss aviation pioneer. The flight had to complete some celebrations in the village, according to a reader, several guests had traveled specifically for the demonstration of the flight.

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But the fans of Patrouille-Suisse were disappointed. Instead of Langenbrook, the squadron flew over the neighboring town of Mulumvil-Ramessville. This is where the 31st Northwest Swiss Youth Festival is held. "Patrick Swis probably thought this was the right place," says the reader. This led to disappointment among the guests in Langenbrook. "We did not allow the mood to spoil," says the reader.

«Unfortunate circumstances»

Another fan who vainly waited for the show added: "This is a little awkward for the Swiss Air Traffic Control Team A, and I hope that the Swiss Air Force's more hurried emergencies will make it possible to fly to the right destinations.

Army spokesman Daniel Reist confirms that Patrouille Suisse is conducting an air show over the wrong community. The reason for this is "unfortunate circumstances". Between Mümliswil-Ramiswil and Langenbruck there are only a few kilometers straight. Patrouille Suisse's leader saw the great festival space with a tent in Mümliswil – the Suisse patrol flew over that area, "Reist says.

Navigation technology is 40 years old

In the event of an emergency, such confusion can not happen because Tiger F5 is no longer suitable for combat missions and will not be used for it, says Reist. He emphasized that the planes are equipped with navigation tools that are over 40 years old. "Nothing from GPS or any other advanced technology." In addition, this is just a flyover, not a flight demo.


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