Thursday , July 29 2021

20 minutes – The 15-year-old wants to die of hunger for harassment

For a 15-year-old girl in Wiesendangen ZH school life has become a horror. After moving to the community with his family in the summer of 2017, he was bullied by his new classmates. According to "look", it all started with other children, calling him a "lawn mower" because he ate vegan food. For this reason no one was sitting at lunch or the table did not even change when the girl sat beside them.


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But that is not enough. Soon the pupils began to call the 15-year-old "horned pig" and make the sounding sounds in the classroom in her presence. Although the harassment of the victim turned to the school social worker, but that could not stop the attacks. She reached the point where her classmates threw Frauenfurz in their hair until they smelled. In the classroom a boy wrote to her: "bring your mind.

He stopped eating

That was too much for the girl. The disciple decided to commit suicide by slowly starving. For a few weeks, he was eating too little while the school doctor did not trigger the alarm. She had lost much weight. Only then did her father question her. Previously, the girl almost did not say how he was being treated at school.

Now, however, he trusted his father and told about violence, insults and thoughts of suicide. "I was completely in the attack," says the father of "look." But it works immediately. He took his daughter from school and took her to a psychiatric hospital.

"My daughter was over"

Today, the 16-year-old girl is better. From the summer of 2018, she lives on a therapeutic farm in the Aargau Canton. The school has changed the student. Only on exams they still feel that someone might soon be knocking a book over their heads, says a father.

He still denies the school in Wiesendangen until today that the girl has been harassed. "According to the specialist's definition, this is not a harassment," says Hubert Herger, a member of the school administration. The school has made all possible and necessary interventions with the participation of professional support. This can not understand father until today. "My daughter was killed until she wanted to kill herself, and the school just watched him.


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