Tuesday , June 15 2021

20 minutes – The 29-year-old killed after a quarters parking dispute

Shortly after 7.30 on Wednesday morning, he announced a passerby at the Zurich Canton Police Operations Center that there was a stationary person in Dübendorf's parking lot. Immediately released rescuers could only determine the woman's death.

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The exact cause of death is now the subject of the investigation. At this stage, a violent crime is not ruled out: "We can now say that she is a 29-year-old woman – we assume murder, a witness has heard a dispute," says Mark Besson, spokesman for Zurich's Cantonese police. One is a large quantity at the local level. "The Institute of Forensics is also here – like the Institute of Legal Medicine, Zurich City Police, and the Fire Department," Besson said. We are now looking for witnesses who have made suspicious perceptions in Dübendorf in the early morning hours.

The neighborhood is shocked

One neighbor saw Wednesday morning, the woman was stationary under a parked car when the police arrived. "Only the legs looked – there were sneakers. Another resident reported that he had just been linked to the police and his car was pulled.

In addition, two animals were taken away by the police in the house to the burial site. The house is shocked by the incident: "She was nice and always quiet, went to work in the morning and came back in the evening," said a neighbor.

The traveler finds a dead woman (29) in the parking lot

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