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20 minutes – The army has to wait longer for Duros

The army wants to restore its Nero fleet. This work began in 2016. At that time, the repair was expected to take about 48 months and cost CHF 212,000 each. The order was taken over by the Tuagou Arms Factory Mawag. The renewal was already controversial two years ago as the new acquisition would cost only 170,000 francs per vehicle.

But now the new problems have become public. As the study of SonntagsZeitung shows, only one tenth of 2220 vehicles have been updated. In addition, no vehicle was delivered for ten months. The reason for this was that special Duro refueling engines, which were produced by the Austrian Steyr engine manufacturer, were selected. However, he had to file an application for bankruptcy at the end of 2018.

A delay of at least half a year

Therefore, a new engine supplier had to be found. The choice fell on a Fiat engine. But it brings a whole new set of problems. So the concept of propulsion has to be reconsidered with the installation of new engines. These include, among other things, time-consuming road tests.

After all this new information, insiders expect a delay of at least half a year. Besides, it is not certain whether the new engines will be proven at all. In general, the delay results in additional costs of 3500 francs per vehicle.

These are a total of 7.7 million francs, which are funded by taxpayers' money. As Armasuisse writes, the approved maximum loan of 558 million francs will not be exceeded. Mowag must also pay a penalty. The amount of this sanction is still unknown.


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