Sunday , June 20 2021

20 minutes – «The best series produced in Switzerland»

Now comes the inevitable end: On Tuesday evening funeral entrepreneur Luc Conrad went to the last time in the hunting crime. After the 40th episode, The Ashtray Phoenix finally ended for The Undertaker. And yes: the figure of Mike Muller (55) did not have to die serial death.


What do you think about The Undertaker's final?

How it works: Install the latest version of the 20-minute app. On the Home screen, touch the top three tabs then the gear. At the bottom of Themes, press the bolt to the right to "People" – it's already working.

By the way, the 20-minute team of people is also on the way to Instagram.

Lovers of the successful criminal series of SRF complain about the loss of his beloved investigator and his colleagues. Twitter gives him the last (social media) honor.

– Worthy graduation.

A pragmatic conclusion draws Yvon for the SRF series.

"Thanks for the good end," Urs writes.

Ema lacks less than the series than to write during the show.

In Twitter, SRF received a lot of praise from audiences for the thriller series.

Dear SRF, User Lukas has a proposal for "The Undertaker" separation.

The final scenes were pleased with Twitterer Roland.

Remo asks SRF for continuation – and talks with many fans of the soul.

Is there a takeover of an "entrepreneur"?

What the Undertaker's player has to say about the shooting last season will find out in the video above.


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