Sunday , June 20 2021

20 minutes – The possibility for Mars Rover is a story

He held the endurance of the Marathon rider: The Mars Rover Opportunity. Arriving on Mars in 2004, his mission initially had to last for 90 days (just under 92.5 Earth days). It happened 14 years and 219 days. The little rover ran out and ran. Even as his sister Spirit on March 22, 2010 gave up the spirit, Opportunity is not the end. By this fatal June 10, 2018, when a sandstorm hit a robot with ninety pounds.

On Wednesday, a final attempt was made to contact the robot – unsuccessful. The router, whose main task is to search for traces of former Mars water, relies on several solar panels for its energy supplies. Probably they were covered with a layer of dust during the storm, where Rover probably suffered an eclipse at least in the short run.


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