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20 minutes – When do roaming subscriptions be useful?

Following the recent announcement by Swisscom of the termination of roaming charges, Salt is also moving.


How much data do you use monthly abroad?

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With Salt, subscription without roaming charges costs 90 francs a month by default, in Swisscom it is 80 francs. Is it worth it? In rare cases, Telecom Expert Ralph Beaulieer from Moneyland: He compared prices for 20 minutes and found that Swisscom's customers are cheaper with the domestic fixed rate of "Swiss mobile flat" as long as they do not exceed 10 Gigabytes roaming data per year in Europe.

"10 gigabytes of roaming is a large amount of data that hardly anyone can reach effectively," says the expert. But it is possible, for example, if you keep playing videos during the holidays.

Subscriptions are only useful for frequent travelers

In Salt, customers will have to surf even further before crossing the domestic flat rate "Plus Swiss" pays off: "With only 25 gigabytes of roaming per year, Plus Europe> flatrate becomes interesting for the customer," says Beyeler This makes roaming subscriptions useful only for frequent travelers.

Even for a frequent surfer who uses 60 gigabytes of data per month, he makes ten calls for 3 minutes each and spends two weeks resting in Spain every year using 30 gigabytes of roaming data, Swisscom and Salt's proposals will not be the most the chevrons. As Bailer compares, frequent sailing can earn a slightly better price with Swisscom's Wingo low-cost brand if it chooses an up-to-date special offer and packets of 500 francs (see table).

For casual users who need 2 gigabytes per month, ten-month three-minute talks, and a two-week vacation in Spain for 1 gigabyte roaming, the new subscriptions are quite exhausted. Both Swisscom and Salt offer subscriptions that provide this service at half the price of new offers. Wingo even gets to third.

"You do not have to worry about bills of horror.

Ralf Beiler, Moneyland Telecommunications Expert. (Image: Moneyland)

According to Beyeler, Salt and Swisscom's new subscriptions offer an advantage: As roaming is no longer specifically charged, customers no longer have to worry about accepting appropriate options. "Here are the new subscriptions from Swisscom and Salt that are really handy because the monthly fixed amount can travel to Europe and you do not have to worry that it will suddenly be horrible in the mailbox," Beyler said.

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