Thursday , June 24 2021

20 minutes – "You need to learn again what are the barriers"

The 49th World Economic Forum continued without incidents and bad accidents. However, some drivers are obviously no longer aware that flashing rail barriers should be stopped just before.


Should railroad crossings be better marked?

There were four different situations between Tuesday and Friday, during which drivers would "endanger" the railroad crossings, as WEOS executive member Alois Zwinggi told Keystone-SDA. "I think drivers need to learn what a closed barrier means," he said.

On Tuesday evening, for example, a car stopped between the railway doors. The Railroad Train ripped straight into the car. No one was injured in the four incidents, Zwinggi says. He concluded that the next year's rail service is still "optimized" and there is a lot of work on the bus that can be improved.

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A day before, another car appeared between the railway doors, as Wolcer explains. However, the train could stop in time and the vehicle was pulled out of the rails.

Graubünden's Cantonese police are 20 minutes away, but only two incidents are known, spokesman Marcus Valser said. "How Mr. Zwingi comes in four cases, we are unknown." In the two known cases, however, no one was injured.

Improvements for last year

Overall, however, he was pleased with the adjustments to the concept of traffic. They were confiscated after the traffic almost collapsed for some time last year, and the distance between Davos Platz and Davos Dorf lasted about four hours (about 3.7 kilometers) according to a bus driver.

"Strengthening public transport by bus and train has brought very good results," Zwinggi said. Last year many snow machines were used for the snow. In addition, more trucks and private limousines were on their way.

WEF 2019

They drop clouds along the main roads

Yet this year, in the cold air of Davos, heavy clouds of exhaust gas rose, and some pedestrians on the sidewalks held their scarves in their nostrils and mouths. Because of the more frequent rail traffic, the cars hit the barriers. However, the WEF traffic this year was "comparable to the day of the Spengler Cup or a nice ski day at the end of the week," Zwinggi said.

On Friday afternoon began to run again, the first safety barriers were removed, there was a relaxation in the air. The 49th World Economic Forum was completed, managers and politicians mostly on the way back.

Glory to the soldiers

The Graubünde government is pleased with the case, especially because it was peaceful, as announced on Friday afternoon. The protection of the 120 people protected by international law poses major challenges to federal, cantonal and military officials. However, cooperation works "smoothly" and there are no security incidents.

The respect of Graubünden's government adviser, Peter Peyer, who now heads the Justice, Security and Health Ministry, applies primarily to soldiers who "have done their jobs reliably even at these low temperatures," as quoted.

There are no intruders in locked airspace

Since January 18, on average, 4052 members of the army have been in service, as the army has said. In addition, the army helped protect personal and property protection or air surveillance. For Davos it was an airspace barrier with a radius of 46 kilometers and a height of 6000 meters. Participating in the neighboring countries Austria and Italy. The army also does not register security incidents.

From Tuesday to Friday, different security services were able to provide about 3,000 participants from 90 countries. Police forces were operating from all cantons and from some cities and from the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The security costs jointly funded by the federal government, the Grisons Canton, the WEF and the Davos municipality were limited to nine million francs.


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