Tuesday , June 15 2021

20 minutes – You will not have to wait or scan here soon

Run, shop, run away – without standing in the safe. That's what Valora is planning on in her new K Kiosk boxes. Even product scanning is eliminated.


Will you use the store?

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The client must enter the K-Kiosk-Box-App store, take his products out of the shelf and leave the store, Valorra wrote in a message. So the shopping process is "accelerated once more".

Collaboration with a US company

The Pavilion of the Future will become possible through cooperation with the American technology start AiFi. His automatic payment technology allows him to test the new retail format, Valorra writes in a statement.

The cashier's solution works with artificial intelligence, extreme computer technology, and sensor merger technology. Works with two components. On the one hand, numerous sensors and cameras are installed in the K Kiosk Box. On the other hand, a computer program ensures that the data transmitted by the sensors is processed and the purchase transaction is credited to the customer.

The place is still open

Valor's goal is to be launched in 2019 as a test for the first K Kiosk Box with automatic verification technology. It should include a store of about 20 square meters. The new concept of the store will be used in places where there is currently no or very small convenient range. The location of the first pavilion box is still open. No previews yet.

Depending on the terms of the legal framework and the leasing contracts, shops with the new concept "ideally" should be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, he continues. In addition to the popular range of kiosks and fresh produce should be offered.

With the K Kiosk box, Valora adopts the concept of Avec, which is also planned, one step further. The Avec box, to be released in the spring of 2019, can also be purchased via an app. However, you need to scan the items there.

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