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Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis: The little boy is in a coma due to swelling of the brain

Headache: Mostly harmless, but pain can also be a sign of serious illness.

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Six-year-old artist from Ellis from England had a headache – hours later the doctors had to put him in an artificial coma. Diagnosis of doctors: disturbing.

Headache – nothing unusual in itself. But Clayton's little Elysian artist from the British community is a life-threatening cause.

The boy must vomit – then the hospital's devastating diagnosis

When the six-year-old headed back in early February, his mother Sarah gave him a painkiller. As the British information portal The Sun reported, the boy felt better afterwards. But in the evening the headache returned, which emitted a door. Ellis even had to vomit.

The parents of Ellis Sara and Paul Artist brought the little one to the doctor who suspected a viral infection. When his condition got worse, they went to a children's clinic. Here Ellis gets antibiotics because doctors suspect viral meningitis. After MRI (magnetic resonance imaging technique that allows you to depict tissues and organs) then the poor diagnosis: The swelling of the brain spread across the back, so the boy had to be placed in an artificial comaThis measure should ease the brain and thus promote healing.

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Acute dissemination encephalomyelitis Cause of swelling of the brain

Swelling is caused by acute disseminated encephalomyelitis: a rare inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, which mainly affects children and occurs within four weeks of a viral infection. In an autoimmune disease, the body falsely struggles with healthy cells,

Whether the little Ellis is fully recovered or the infection is disabled is not certain. His parents are in a hospital with him and I hope to be removed from the coma soon.

Friends and family have collected £ 4,000 for Ellis to provide the best possible medical treatment.

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