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Aldi Recall Action: Beware of this bar

In several branches of the discounts on Aldi Nord, a bolt was recalled. For allergy sufferers, consumption of products can even be life threatening.

Essen – A nougat bar was pulled from a variety of Aldi Nord discounters, as the discount announcer announced on the homepage. This concerns the type of "cream nougat tree trunk" from the article "BelRoyal nougat tree trunk, 100 g" with the best date before 31.05.2019 and lot number L0033. The bar-bar comes from the manufacturer "Schluckwerder OHG".

The reason for this is that the bar may contain marzipan because of a production error. For the production of almond marzipan used, which is considered an allergenic material. This material must be listed explicitly on the packaging, but appears only as a trace.

This product is about.

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This is the second call back at Aldi in a very short time: Aldi and Penny: callback! Attention, don't eat this product!

Aldi-Riegel: Consumption can be life-threatening for allergy sufferers

This is only relevant for almond allergy sufferers: "Allergens can trigger allergic reactions: swelling in the mouth, nose and throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory and skin reactions, joint disease, life-threatening anaphylactic shock," wrote For non-allergies is the consumption of harmless bars.

The affected party can return the cream nougat bar for a refund of the purchase price at the Aldi Nord branch.

The product is sold at this Aldi-Nord store

Aldi Nord reports: "The product in question is sold exclusively to ALDI companies Bargteheide, Beucha, Datteln, Grossbeeren, Herten, Hesel, Jarmen, Lingen, Meitzendorf, Mittenwalde, Hannoversch Münden, Radevormwald, Salzgitter, Seevetal, Seefeld, Weimar and Wilsdruff traded. "To any company that is a branch, it can be checked on the discount website under" branches and opening times ".

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