Sunday , June 13 2021

Apple co-founder Wozniak has sold all its Bitcoin assets

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak announced he had sold all his assets to Bitcoin in December 2017, when the crypto hit reached a record $ 20,000. That's what the Nordic Business Insider portal announced on January 24th.

As part of the Swedish Internal Affairs Forum held in Stockholm, Wozniak said he initially bought $ 700 worth of battles because he "wanted to experiment with him." He explains this in the following way:

"I wanted to travel to beautiful places like Stockholm and go to restaurants and hotels that only accept Bitcoin. So I just wanted to use Bitcoin when I was traveling. "

When Bitcoin reached a record $ 20,000, Wozniak claims to have sold all his assets to BTC. As he says

"When the course rose, I thought I did not want to be among the people who are constantly watching the course and thinking about it. I do not want to worry like this. I love to be carefree, so I just sold everything. "

Wozniak points out in this context that he "has never been interested in money," he said, pointing out that "he has never used Apple Stock App and has no shares." As Coointelegraph announced last June, Wozniak said at the time that "Bitcoin is only digital gold." In this interview, he repeated his belief in the crypto, although he probably sold most of his assets.

In the same month, however, he called the Blockchain speculative bubble, which he compared with the dotcom balloon of the early Internet. However, he called Bitcoin "just amazing." In October 2018, Wozniak announced he was the co-founder of the EQUI Global investor.

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