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Apple exchanges keyboards from other Macbooks

Apple does not get a problem with Macbook's faulty keyboards under control. Now the company expands the exchange program to other models.

Apple continues to have problems with the keyboards of its Macbook laptops. Following continued consumer complaints, the Group expanded its Tuesday exchange program and laptops from last year.

In 2015, Apple introduced a new, ultra-flat keypad mechanism. This allowed the group to build thinner devices. At the same time, many users complained about switches that silenced or are no longer working – for example, when crumbs or even grains of dust enter the mechanism.

Apple believes the problem is solved with the third generation of so-called "butterfly" keyboards, in which the mechanism is further protected by a thin lid under the keys. But consumer complaints continued.

For new devices, problems are now resolved using new material, as the Wall Street Journal points out.

Along with the expansion of keypad replacement, Apple also launched a Macbook Pro display program for Macbook Pro from 2016 and introduced a new top-of-the-line Macbook Pro with eight processor cores.

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