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Athletics: International Meeting in Lucerne

After the disappointing results of Atletisima did not reach the stars of the Swiss athletics in Lucerne. The only bright spot: Julien Wanders, who improves his record over 3000 meters.

He wants to break the Swiss record over 3000 meters, Julien Wanders reports before the athletics meeting in Lucerne. Romande, who lives in Kenya, misses the mark two seconds later, but has a reason to be happy: In 7: 43.62, he improves his personal record over the unknown distance by more than six seconds and takes third place.

While long distance runners enjoy, the Swiss sprinters jump well with the Allmends. Lausanne's helmet is followed by Lucerne's shame.

The appearance of Alex Wilson in the 100-meter lead is emblematic for the miserable idea: The start-up – and the race for Basel is over. He falsely interrupts the run. "I felt I was moving too early," he says, but that's not a fake. Eventually, Wilson must look so over 200 meters is the last (20.98).

For Mujinga Kambundji, the World Championship season continues to be a resin. In the slightly busy 200-meter race with 22.90 (best time 22.64) at least for Rank 3 (WM Limit), over 100 meters missed the fastest woman in Switzerland for the final qualification (11.53).

Karim Hussein (50.66 over 400 meters hurdles) and Celina Behhel (2: 02.54 over 800 meters) are also far behind in their best form, both of which are fifth. To marvel at the race in the back, the sprinter Noemi Zbären has to overcome, which is 13.21 last. (DAD)

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