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Avoid palm oil products: how does it work? | – Guide

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by Uwe Leutyrer

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Palm oil is extracted from the fruit of the oil palm.

The food industry often uses palm oil as a cheap fat in many finished products. Extracting palm oil will be strong WWF forests are cleaned, orangutans and tigers are forced out of their habitat. In addition, experts believe that palm oil contributes to the development of cancer, cardiovascular disease and cancer Diabetes can be switched on.

That's why the author of the market, Uwe Leiterer, started another independent experiment: After he gave up sugar, Fleisch und Plastik is now trying to prevent Leiterer from buying palm oil products. The initiative was given by his children – tropical forests, orangutans and their own health. Uwe will share her experience every week on a blog.

Many products contain palm oil

Palm oil resembles butter and gives the food creamy, creamy consistency. At room temperature the fat is solid, at body temperature melting. Palm oil is commonly used in these products:

  • Oil and margarine
  • Chocolate and chocolates
  • cookies
  • spreads
  • chocolate creams
  • baby food
  • semi-finished products
  • packet soups

Cosmetic products may contain so-called surfactants and emulsifiers made from palm oil components.

Why palm oil can cause you to get sick?

Palm oil is not the highest quality vegetable oil: it has a relatively high content of (unhealthy) saturated fatty acids and low (healthy) unsaturated fatty acids.

It is also suspected that palm oil is involved in the development of diseases:

  • Intense heating of palm oil can result in so-called fatty acid esters such as glycidyl and 3-MCPD, which According to information from the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, they are considered to be carcinogenic. The substance is dissolved in animal experiments at a given dose tumors out.
  • The relatively high content of saturated fatty acids in palm oil can lead to a deterioration of lipids in the blood from the point of view of the medical profession. This increases the risk for atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Vegetable oils with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, such as walnut oil or flaxseed oil, are considered to be better for your health.

Thus consumers can avoid palm oil

For those who, like Uwe Letterer, would like to quit palm oil, they can initially focus on the list of foods. There it is literally included as "palm oil" or "palm oil" or as "vegetable oil (palm oil)". There are some ready-to-eat foods Alternatives without palm oil.

In his experiment, Uwe Laurerer will first try to find all palm oil products in the household and replace them with alternatives without palm oil.

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