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Best title? Watson.ch for UBS zero interest rate

Watson.ch is for a boy. Big photos, flames, funny sketches. Today, the editors of the emerging online media link everything together – and hit the bull's eye.

The title "Sergio Hermoti: 14 million Your UBS savings account: 0% interest" not only speaks to Watson's young readers with a small book of heart. But millions of UBS customers and Swiss savers in other banks.

Which pig would you like to have? (Watson.ch)

for this story and many more yesterday digital today im
Print is the decision of the largest and most important bank of the country
Bank Switzerland to bring the savings to zero.

There are no major tragedies for the Spartunk before: there have been only a few dirty tenths of the percentage so far – or not. Alternative Bank Switzerland puts its little client in the eyes for years.

The cry is still strong. First, because UBS – separately
by the insignificant alternative bank – preceded and therefore one
Another supposed taboo breaks.

because the contrast with the compensation of top bankers in the eye
jumps. At least this is what Watson.ch has with its strong title

In short, the statement is that the largest and most important Swiss bank will bleed its small clients with 10, 20, 000 or maybe 50 francs on the high edge, but the opposite, the top UBS's management lives in the moon of luxury. as if nothing had happened.

is the explosiveness of the title and also contains a lot of detonator.
It is amazing that UBS has its CEO and colleagues
top leadership with millions offset as they would
they provide absolute top performance.

Now, however, the stock of Swiss financially multinational is located in the basement, in France threatens a huge deficit in the court with immeasurable consequences – and now even small customers are left on the vein.

It is they spend the rest of the money that they do not spend on rent, health insurance and holidays at UBS & Co. deposit.

On the other hand, customers with 10 or more million can plan differently. You have enough to invest some of the shares.

They can also afford houses, but they get mortgages from banks almost nothing.

So it's a classic "down here against you".

Many young children in the country who have to watch the circles of the month get zero from their leading Swiss bank.

In addition, they have to pay 2 francs for cash withdrawals.

The first few thousand, led by UBS captains, swim with bonuses and multiply their wealth with free credits they use to buy stocks and houses – and continue to raise prices there.

Nothing new under the sun. What stands out, however, is that the media treats the issue more strongly and more explicitly – Watson.ch sends its greetings.

This leads to the kernel. How has UBS managed to do more to put an end to the rage and disappointment of the average Swiss citizen?

Only a few months ago it was clear who was in the square of the big financial houses of Boeliman. Credit Suisse was under constant media fire.

This has essentially changed nothing. Now look
Go to UBS and ask yourself, what's next?

Highest salaries for the management team, but one negative title after another: the watchers are amazed, the shareholders snort.

And what are the besieged bosses in the bank? They point to earth and people.

– Do you feel abandoned by Switzerland? UBS CEO Sergio Ermoti shot him: "Yes, a little!"

Only UBS, which was rescued by Switzerland from the fall 11 years ago, now resists the lack of support from the same nation.

And for the high salary against the bad price of the shares, the boss in the talk with the tabloid newspaper stressed that this view is too short

"Relatively speaking, our shares had a better total return in 2018 than our direct competitors, and we remain valued equally or higher."

He and his men also bear the heavy burden: "More than half of the compensation gets the largest team in the stock, so we're all interested in making the price sustainable."

Finally, others have received much more, the then banker said.

"By the way, there are executive directors who earn much more than UBS top executives, but they should not disclose this, unlike us as a listed company." Consider other areas of the financial industry, consultants, lawyers or technological sector. "

Detailed explanations. Then today the title of the session: "Sergio Hermoti: 14 million Your UBS Savings Account: 0% Interest Rate". One wonders: what are the 14 million if they provoke such titles?

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