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Billions in the Budget – Flowers and Weakness for Ulye Maurer – News


Again, the Treasury Department has mistakenly assessed the state account. Left calculation of the senses.

The surplus of billions of euros makes Finance Minister Ulye Maurer happy – even from abroad there are flowers. Namely, by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Roth, who visited Bern today and came to the media after his meeting with Federal President Maurer.

"I'd rather put out a three billion surplus over a three billion deficit," Maurer joked. "I congratulate you," said the guest from the Netherlands, for the fun of the journalists present.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rat congratulates Ulye Maurer on the deep black numbers in the federal budget.

Humorous "interference" in Swiss domestic politics: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rut congratulates Wally Maurer on the deep black figures in the federal budget.


But with such joy the result does not displace all. For example, National Advisor to the National Philip Hidhorn says: "You can actually end up in a festive mood – if there was no other dramatic assessment."

Ten years of financial management was to estimate the surplus. This can be explained, says the head of the financial administration Serge Gaier. First, the administration does not need all the money available: "We were also surprised by the unexpectedly high tax revenues at source."

This gives the impression that the system is behind it and is not well-budgeted. Probably to talk poorly about revenue.

7.7 billion francs were added to the withholding tax – a quarter more than projected in the budget. One explanation from the financial administration for this: companies and individuals are waiting to reimburse the tax at source. They prefer the money to be temporarily parked in the Federal Treasury, because at times of negative interest rates it is unattractive to have a lot of money on the high ridge.

Graph shows the number of women and men on the voter lists in the Basel-Landshafen canton

But the SP-finance cases Hadorn can not hear this justification. In the first year with unexpected surpluses was understandable, in the second perhaps: "Not today. This gives the impression that the system is behind it and is not well-budgeted. Probably to talk poorly about revenue.

The Ministry of Finance rejects the allegations

For years, the left has accused the Federal Council, and especially the Finance Minister SVP, deliberately pessimistic budget – so artificial to sustain pressure for rescue. The head of the Ministry of Finance rejects this accusation: "Estimates of earnings are prepared according to strict, documented rules," Gaiar said.

With the tax at source, however, the forecasts are difficult: "there we have a very simple statistical model. He underestimates yields over the years when yields are high. "In years of low yields, on the other hand, the model would overestimate the yields.

Since the finance department has to invent something – so that it is not charged more with the withholding tax, it is now also on the bourgeois side.

Precursors to the Great Battle

FDP National Councilor Albert Vitaly says the outcome is otherwise pleasant: "The word" withholding tax "already says: Calculating this income is very, very difficult." The finance department must actually develop more accurate calculation models. But: "Surprise is positive for me."

The Federal Council today has another surprise: even the near future is performing better than expected. Therefore, for the planned tax reform with additional funding from AHV, there is no need for austerity measures from today's point of view, says the Federal Council – and thus announces the vote on the AHV tax package.

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