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Blue Diego puts Mom Verona Pound

Fremdschäm's alarms on TV: Verona's son, Poute Diego, makes a television show for unlimited moments for her mother.

She has certainly imagined a different way: Verona Pout (51) with Diego's son (15) proudly takes part in the TV show "Gril Day Hensler" next Sunday. But in the already recorded program so much goes out of control.

First, everything goes smoothly: the mother-son duo went to the main dish, wanted to invite corn with risotto and orange asparagus on the plates. With an idiosyncratic strategy: "We only remember what the other person should do. Not what you have to do yourself, explains the son. "Creative" praised food coach Christian Vineyard.

Verona fervently contradicts her son

But then Diego starts talking from the closet. Whether she cooks at home or mom is alone in the kitchen, moderating Ani Hoffman (35) wants to know. Diego fired like a gun: "We usually order!". For the first time, Verona Pooth feels compelled to take corrective action. – This is not true! I really like cooking. Healthy, organic and every day, "she emphasized, slightly excited. Sometimes they even stood together in the kitchen. But this is "mostly controversial," Pout admits. – Because Diego and I have a lot of temper.

Annie Hoffman took advantage of the teenage girl's hours and holes with more questions. "Mama is strict?" She wants to know about him. Diego's answer: "Yes!" This is reflected in her pseudonyms. Franjo likes to call her "El Comandante" or "Luzie". "I thought it was sweet, and at one point I said," My name is not Luzzie. "He said it was Lucifer, says Verona Pout, laughing.

Leader has not yet launched his dust as an interviewer. The next question, "Are there moments when your mother sometimes bothers you?" She asks the 15-year-old youth. He answers dryly: "These are not only moments, it is my life!" Hard Tobacco for Verona! Then the confusion is over: Verona Poeck shrinks, sits on the kitchen counter with her arms crossed.

Diego hardly gives up the possibility of blasphemy

She is not the first time she is on the grill on her son's television: Already in August last year in the Sat.1 "Endlich Feierabend" program, she had to listen to how she was criticized by Diego. Asked by the lecturer, if he took home a friend with him, he said, "Theoretically, I could do it, but I would not do it because my psycho-parents are already at the door and one with questions will hurt."

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