Sunday , September 26 2021

Bonnie Strange poses for "Playboy"

With his own "Playboy" cover for Bonnie Strange fulfilling the dream he had for years.

Bonnie Strange (32) is an Instagram star, musician, actress and "playboy" model. Beauty is on the cover of the December issue of the men's magazine six months after the birth of his daughter, Goldie Venus. And that was also a high time, Strange found himself.

"My big dream is to always have a big house in a warm area, with a roundabout where you can stand on the stairs and wave goodbye to people. And in the front hall there is my big photo: My" Playboy ". I always want I think it's very cool! », Said the model in interviews about shooting.

"It's all about aesthetics"

Weird don't have problems with nudity. That proves him on his Instagram profile again and again. There he also sat füdliblutt in the pool. "When I upload a sexy image on Instagram, it's all about aesthetics," Strange explained. "It has nothing to do with sexuality for me. It's about confidence and the joy of art."

Six months ago, Strange became the mother of her first daughter, Goldie Venus. With Leebo Freeman (30), the boy's father, Strange is no longer together. The US actor was said to have betrayed him at a sex club when he was pregnant at home. What should applicants do in the future with them to conquer their hearts? However, Strange knows what isn't: "I don't like men who are too sure of themselves. People like looking at each other in the mirror during sex. Disgusting! I really like real nerds like that.» (Klm)

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